Why use VPS instead of shared web hosting?

Web hosting is based on sharing the resources of one server among many web pages. It is an easy and cheap solution when you start your own web page and learn the ways of hosting.

However, as your website scales you will see the boundaries of shared web hosting. Namely, the performance and uptime of your website depends on the amount of server resources other websites on the same server use and if there is peak of CPU, bandwidth or memory usage caused by another site that affects the performance of your site too.

Power, control, security

As websites grow shared web hosting solutions aren’t enough for users so they choose the faster and more stable VPS. Due to a virtualization technology VPS users are provided with allotted segments of a server’s resources.

Besides stability and high performance VPS provides you control and security. You decide what OS you want to use, you have root access, all your files and databases are stored securely in a private server. You get almost all the benefits of a dedicated server for much cheaper.

We at MAXER Cloud think that VPS is the new web hosting but with more power, security and control.


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