Smart CPU Core

We see a trend that VPS is the new web hosting. Each year VPS prices drop on the market. More and more sites move to separate VPS hosting because of software requirements or privacy and control.

However, the average cheap VPS plans don’t offer enough resources to maintain stable performance even in the development stage of a small business and the bottleneck is the number of CPU cores.

What’s the point of having decent amount of memory, SSD storage and even bandwidth but lacking enough CPU cores? You won’t be able to utilize all the resources of your VPS and you have to upgrade to a bigger plan. It is disappointing, frustrating and means more costs.

That is why we came up with the idea of making available 8 CPU cores in a very affordable price. It is an industrial practice to use 8 core CPU in a shared web hosting environment for hundreds of web sites with average traffic on one server. We are convinced that VPS service can work on the same principle as web hosting has worked in the last 20 years.

Our Smart Core 8 VPS plan can provide 8 core CPU almost always in the lifetime of the VPS.
We call it fair use based 8 core.


VPS deployment in minutes

Lightning fast VPS deployment.
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