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Our powerful and cheap VPS solution

VPS is not only SSD, memory and bandwidth. In our opinion, CPU cores are as important as the rest of the other resources. Why is that? Because the lack of enough CPU cores can result in speed problems and slow performance and, to be honest, that is frustrating.

VPS providers on the market create cheap VPS plans that have decent amount of memory and SSD but 1 or 2 CPU cores. If you want more cores to avoid CPU overuse you have to order a bigger plan and pay much more. Think about it for a second how easily 1 or even 2 CPU cores can be overloaded. That is the disadvantage of most of the cheap VPS plans on the market.

Now take our Smart Core 8 VPS plan which has 100 GB SSD, 4 GB memory and 2 TB bandwidth with an increased amount of CPU cores at a very affordable price. You hardly can find 8 CPU cores at this price anywhere! 

High-quality but low-cost VPS

Besides strong and powerful resources and hardware our VPS plans include plenty of other features. We put emphasis on security and control. All our VPS plans come with 2 factor authentications and you get full root access. You have control over all the files and databases stored on the VPS.

If you choose our cheap VPS you will be able to manage your VPS in an appealing Management Panel. Monitor your resources, scale easily, set your own firewall rules, check logs and restart, rebuild, shut down your VPS and pay your invoices in one place.

Our system is automated, so VPS provisioning takes only a few minutes. It takes only a few steps to create an account and deploy your cheap VPS. Choose one of the Linux distributions and your VPS is ready to operate. Super fast SSD RAID 10 disk drives and top-notch 56 core processors ensure stable performance and 99,99% uptime.

We provide top quality and powerful service for a very affordable price. We did not create infinite number of VPS plans nor intend to offer shared hosting and related services. We sell VPS because that is our niche. We think low-cost VPS can be powerful, high-quality and easy-to-use because you and your business deserve the best value for your money.

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